What Kelly’s Clients Say…

"My daughter started taking private tennis lessons from Kelly about six weeks ago.  She loves the game and has learned so much.  Each week she has progressed considerably due to Kelly's teaching ability.  She has fun and is learning the game of tennis in such a way that she already loves the game.  Kelly is a very skilled and patient tennis instructor.  I would highly recommend her to anyone."
Tammy S., Cupertino
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Girl learning tennis stance
"Kelly coaches my daughter Kylin who is 5 years old. After coming from two different tennis clubs, Kelly is by far the best. She KNOWS how to coach young kids. Kelly is very patient and works at the child's pace. My daughter improved her tennis on the first day we started with Kelly. The private lessons are well worth the money and are very affordable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KELLY SIMONS. She has a great attitude and most importantly, my daughter is very comfortable with Kelly. It's one thing to know how to play tennis but it's also a BIG DEAL to know how to be a great coach and Kelly certainly has got that down."
Rebecca M., Willow Glen (San Jose)
"Our 10 year old son has been taking lessons with Kelly for past 2 years. This is the longest sport he played and still enjoys today. Kelly is amazing with encouraging our son and pushes in a way that he can feel good about himself for wanting to do better. We feel so lucky to have found her and we have referred her to our friends as well."
Liza W, Willow Glen (San Jose)
"Coach Kelly has been teaching my daughter Kylin for about 3 months and I have already seen a great change in my daughter's tennis skills. We came from 2 other tennis facilties and found that KSTT is the place where my daughter can excel. Coach Kelly makes it fun for my daughter and safe. Not only that but the private lessons are VERY affordable... I definitely recommend her to everyone. It's one thing to teach someone how to play tennis but it's also important to know how to coach them and Coach Kelly has certainly got the patience to do it right."
Whitney E., Cupertino
Kiki with Kelly
"It's not all about winning, but our daughter does have a competitive drive. Kelly nurtures that with the experience of a Division 1 player and the expertise of a college tennis coach. That background brings out the best in Kiki. We're so grateful for Coach Kelly.
Beth & Jack S., San Jose
"I'm not the same player I was two kids ago, but Kelly's really helped me to get a lot of my game back. She even set me up with some neighborhood guys for regular practice. She's been so committed to my success that I can't give up on myself.
Lynne P., Los Gatos
"Our son LOVES tennis. But he has some learning challenges that have made it impossible for him to be in clinics mostly run by high school kids or even to find a coach with enough patience and experience. Until we found Kelly. She's made all the difference with our son, taking time to let him learn at his on pace and having so much patience. It's a true blessing for us to be able to give our son the opportunity to learn tennis with Kelly. I couldn't recommend her enough.
Jaime L., San Jose
"Finding the right coach for my 3 homeschooled kids was a bit of a challenge. But Kelly is exactly the right fit. She works with each kid individually, but also brings them together to learn as a group. She really adds so much to their overall learning experience. I'm always recommending her to other homeschool families because she's just so awesome with our kids.
Miriam N., Morgan Hill
"My wife got me a four lesson package as a gift (hint, hint!)...two years ago. I kept coming back because Kelly is so great as a coach. My serve is better than it was in college. I was able to get back into league play and keep growing as a player every week. I beat my teenage kid last week!
Srini S., Willow Glen (San Jose)
"Kelly has incredible patience and professionalism, especially with kids. My 12 and 14 boys, who can be a handful at times, have learned so much about the game, and even more about good sportsmanship. Kelly is a great coach and an incredible educator. She's always pretty booked up, but works to find a regular lesson time. As with most good professionals, she's well worth the wait."
Robert K., Santa Clara
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