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The KSTT Winners4Life Approach

The Winners 4 Life approach to tennis instruction starts exactly where you are–at whatever age and with whatever level of athletic ability or competitive experience you bring to the court. 

It doesn’t take a very long on a scan of Craigslist ads or Google search results to see that Northern California is blessed with an abundance of tennis teaching professionals, many of them with remarkable competitive backgrounds. And, if you dig just a little deeper on the websites of some of these pros, you’ll often see that many highlight their success at developing highly ranked junior players who may just make their way to college teams or even onto the pro circuit.

Kiki with Kelly

Personalized instruction focuses on your fitness, recreational or competitive goals.

That’s great. But it’s certainly not everything. The truth is, helicopter parents and demanding kids notwithstanding, it’s relatively easy to coach players with abundant natural talent and personal motivation. What I’ve learned in more than twenty years on the court is that the real coaching starts when a pro works with kids who are maybe not so coordinated, or middle-aged cubicle jockeys who haven’t touched a racket for ten years, or couples who want to play tennis together but who have very different skill sets and levels of athletic ability.

These are folks who will most likely see the inside of Arthur Ashe Stadium or Wimbledon only as ticket holders, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love the game, that they don’t want to improve as recreational or competitive players, that they don’t value the physical, mental, and social benefits of the tennis lifestyle. Maybe they’ll make it to the top of a regional tournament or develop as top-ranked competitive players. Maybe they won’t. Either way, they’re Winners for Life in my eyes, and they’re the people I love to coach.

That’s why I made the investment in advanced education that would help me to work with all kinds of players at all levels of experience, athletic skill, fitness, and ability. And, I took the time to earn certification from the U.S.P.T.A. and to maintain my certification for more than fifteen years. I’m not interested in reliving my glory days in college competition with the local tennis phenom or running dozens of kids through tennis clinics and camps that do little more than fill time without developing real skill.

Would I like to coach the next Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova? Okay, sure. But, I’m plenty happy coaching you, your kids, and that duffer you’ve been trying to get out of the recliner for far too long. I’d love to talk with you about your fitness, recreational, and competitive goals in tennis as a Winner for Life. My website will give you more information about my holistic approach to tennis instruction. Email me at or call 408-839-6477 to schedule a lesson when you’re set to get in the game.

One thought on “The KSTT Winners4Life Approach

  1. My son is going to college this fall. Kelly was his first private lesson coach. I think Kelly consolidated all his fundamental skills so well to make his all further advances easy. Can’t thank Kelly enough for all her helps.

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